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Sometimes it can be hard to crack Hollywood when you're an up and coming actor.

You've got to play the game -- or in this case, the game show.

"Oh, right." Kara nodded in recollection, "Yeah, I need to learn about girl-girl sex and figured it would take a while, so I called in a favour from a friend." "A friend who tutors you in sex? Like, she doesn't have any powers and she's still a total bad ass, she's captain of her own time ship, and like stupid hot." Lena beamed, blushed slightly, as she quipped, "Ah yes, because I totally have my own time ship." "You know what I mean." Kara pouted slightly, before continuing to praise another woman while in bed with her sort of girlfriend, which she knew wasn't a good idea but she couldn't help herself, "She's also kind of scary. I'm not sure what the term is, but she totally said I could come back any time I want and visit, which kind of makes me wish it would quieten down here a little bit so I could spend more time with them. I'm sure Sara would let me." "One night together and you're already planning our first holiday together?

" Lena chuckled softly, although there was a little worry in her tone. It was pictures and explanations not, not other stuff! She says she knows about a thousand ways to kill someone, and has used some of them. " Lena raised an eyebrow, and then laughed at the look of horror on the other girl's face, "It's okay, I'm only teasing. But I don't know about you, but I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere." Kara smiled, "Me neither." Lena returned the smile, glanced at her bedside clock and then sighed, "And by that, I mean I don't want to go anywhere, but I really have too. Kara had been so nervous and focused on doing a good job, and not to hurt Lena, that she hadn't really got a good look at Lena's body while frantically removing her clothes and then worshipping her body.

"No problem." Kara smiled, then about a minute later asked, "Do you have anything to-" Before Kara could even finish her sentence Lena opened a drawer in her desk and placed a bowl of candy on top of it, all without looking away from the screen.

Which caused Kara to grin widely and start snacking. There is just this whole other side to her which she isn't willing to share, and I just... Of you not..." Kara said a little too forcefully, before remembering she needed to tread carefully, "Erm, not taking it well." "Why wouldn't I? Another long silence and then Kara hesitantly added, "I don't know, maybe you'd be disappointed.

Woods' remarks were made in response to writer Chad Felix Greene's tweet that expressed his dismay over the age difference between the film's love interests. Stop." It is worth mentioning that while 17 is below the age of consent in most US states, the age of consent in Italy (where the film takes place) is 14. pic.twitter.com/rch Yilrju Z — Amber Tamblyn (@ambertamblyn) September 12, 2017 Woods has yet to respond to Tamblyn's latest tweet, but a number of celebrities (including Don Cheedle, Tamblyn's husband David Cross, and Lena Dunham) have come out to support Tamblyn, and challenge Woods' remarks.

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Which turned out to be impossible as she was grinning too much, which clearly put Snapper in an even worse mood than usual, but nothing he said or did could ruin her mood.

Because of course she was, and of course Lena laughed when Kara bit her lip nervously.

Because why would the gorgeous Lena Luthor feel a drop of modesty discovering she was naked in bed with another girl?

Actor James Woods tweeted a snide remark about the age disparity between the romantic leads in Armie Hammer's new film, "Call Me by Your Name" — and celebrities are calling him out for it. https://t.co/ok SCVKe Anj — James Woods (@Real James Woods) September 12, 2017 Tamblyn fired back with a screenshot of a text between her and her friend "Billy," referring to the alleged time that Woods hit on them when they were underage.

Woods tweeted, "As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. The acronym NAMBLA stands for, "the controversial North American Man/Boy Love Association, which is a pedophilia advocacy organization," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tamblyn also tweeted, "Life comes at you fast, James." Since I know people love to question the intengrity and honesty of women when they come forward with stories like this, here you go.

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