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Emotions will be running high and everyone will have their own view – you must have the strength to face up to the decisions you make.When it comes to talking to landlords or banks or any other company who's got a vested interest in your household, you need to present a united front.You're not just going to be able to say your piece and walk away from this one, like leaving a boring or bolshy date behind in a restaurant.Even if you have a spare bedroom to retreat to, or a sofa to sleep on, you're still going to be bumping into each other in the bathroom or at the fridge. This is life-changing stuff – make sure you're prepared emotionally and, as cold as it may sound, financially. We were only a few months into the lease on our apartment, which had one bedroom, and I chose to break the news at around pm after a day of brooding.Once an abusive partner has broken down the victim’s ability to trust their own perceptions, the victim is more likely to stay in the abusive relationship.There are a variety of gaslighting techniques that an abusive partner might use: Withholding: the abusive partner pretends not to understand or refuses to listen. “I don’t want to hear this again,” or “You’re trying to confuse me.” Countering: the abusive partner questions the victim’s memory of events, even when the victim remembers them accurately. “You’re wrong, you never remember things correctly.” Blocking/Diverting: the abusive partner changes the subject and/or questions the victim’s thoughts. “Is that another crazy idea you got from [friend/family member]?

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It is an extremely effective form of emotional abuse that causes a victim to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity, which gives the abusive partner a lot of power (and we know that abuse is about power and control).

If you're the one who ended the relationship, consider being the one who steps up and sorts all this stuff out.

First, it means any ex who's reluctant to split won't drag their heels and hold things up, and second, it's the least you can do when your action has put you both in this situation.

Not that you should feel guilty about that – but taking care of business can help you move on from that.

Taking the strain can also take your mind off things, weirdly.

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