Sins of a solar empire not updating

(Personally I have quite the dear hate for EA and Origin, even though some people hold them in high regard.

Doesn't mean I have to accept how the butchered C&C ) I am not sure what Haze is referring to specifically however I do know that Impulse was seriously hampering game developement.

@ Mr Haze - what was the good reason for the sale to gamestop and the good reason for sins moving to steam? If I don't have an internet connection on my notebook I can just start offline mode without trouble.

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I already did re-install Sins Rebellion, although didn't do it the "delete/rename Client Registry.blob" way (i.e.Steam is still causing me issues and has for years and its not to keep yours and mine account "safe" .I'm actually using many Steam features, having started online gaming with CS 1.6 before swapping to RTSs, so Im pretty used to steam and it's quirks. You know the way when a new version of sins beta comes out and your old save games get wiped ?Steam also provides minimal information as to how they can be deactivated if you don't want them.Still, you can deactivate them, which is what counts to me.

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