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Although there are some Russian women who live in Europe, the language and culture are very different.

Romania is close culturally to Moldova, which is also a republic of the former Soviet Union. The best tip if you are dating a hot Romanian woman is to upgrade your wardrobe to a current fashionable style.

Our Latin blood makes us very passionate lovers, if you know what I mean...

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In fact, we would rather try and fail (and try again) rather than get help.

A Romanian girlfriend is very committed in a relationship.

We are hard working and know very well we can do it on our own.

Probably because of similarities in the name of nationalities, sometimes people confuse Romanian and Russian women.

In fact, these are two completely different nations.

If you've never partied with a Romanian girl - it's like saying you've never been to Ibiza: once you do - it's never the same again. We love to party and will do anything to make sure you feel comfortable and have a night you will never forget. Having a Romanian girlfriend will always keep you entertained.

We are defined as minx, or wild cats in the bedroom, and are not afraid to try anything new, au contraire, we enjoy it.

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