Riccardo cocchi yulia zagoruychenko dating

They are ranked #1 in the world for Professional Latin.

They recently won their 5th consecutive US National Professional Latin Champions title at the US Open Dance Competition.

Originally from Russia, she began dancing at the early age of seven.

As a child, she enjoyed watching and copying dancers on TV so her mother agreed to take her to dance classes where she did folk dancing for four years. At the age of 11, Zagoruychenko started to teach kids to earn some money which she then gave to her parents.

Yet, Slavik's reputation for losing his partners remained when they broke up after only a year of dancing. Elena has said this and there were constant rumors of fighting between him and Karina.

They talk about dance versus sport (Riccardo was going to be a footballer on the Roma team — who knew?His latest partnership with Anna Melnikova was by far the most promising after Karina.They had chemistry, she's a good height for him, and she's also very talented.Personally, I think Slavik could not break into the top 4 because of the choreography, not because of his or Anna's technique.For Slavik to make it, he needs a lady that is good and a partnership that will last.

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