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Rumors That Facebook Is Secretly Recording You Refuse to Die – Rumors, huh? The government/media would NEVER do anything except what is right and good for the citizens. WHY Cities All Across America Are Suddenly Buying Up Trailer Parks Turn off your phones Each day, millions of people go about the business of constructing and furnishing their own realities.Such mundane tasks as listening to a favorite radio station, drinking coffee, choosing among the many entertainment options or the choice of reading materials affects the reality of the person making the choices.In fact, both Person #1 AND Person #2 may be totally and completely deceived about any number of things which are taking place in their world.

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And nowhere in the world is the celebration any bigger than in this most Christian of nations.

Each will likely be TOTALLY sure that their view is correct–and they will back up their view with facts and figures supplied by their informational sources.

Which is WHY so many discussions between those who are Person #1 and those who mirror Person #2 are fruitless.

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Make no mistake: Halloween is STILL a dark, death-focused, demonic celebration of paganism.

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