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Come and see the show that conquered America and has been thrilling audiences in both CZ and U. THE STAND-IN is not only a great translation of the original, but it is also played in the original theatre (Žižkovské Divadlo Jary Cimrmana), using the original sets, props and costume design. The show, THE STAND-IN (Záskok), performed by professional, native English-speaking actors, is produced by the same company that produces the iconic Czech versions and has the blessing of Zdeněk Svěrák himself!After seeing a Czech TV performance of “The Stand-In”, he had found his piece.“Although I don’t understand spoken Czech, I could see so much potential in there,” Stewart said.“People were laughing and laughing in all the right places,” Stewart said.Stewart, a British playwright, whose most famous work is “Killing Castro”, has been coming to the Czech Republic for a number of years.

Yes, some of the wordplay just cant be translated, but on the other hand, lots of other humorous parts appeared! So here in the center in the front row are the honorable guests. But here on the left it’s interesting, here the idiots always sit.” Bárta, a character in the play “Vlasta” to the eponymous heroine…err hero. There sits two idiots side by side.” Hospůdka na mýtince Innkeeper’s opening monologue “The postman came to me in the greatest urgency with good news: Your grandfather has died, you have become the owner of an inn in a forest clearing. The notary took an ax and food for three days and we set off. When, Ludvík my old – and it could be said yes, actually – only good friend, we cut our way to here, then I realized who my grandfather – may his soul rest in peace – was: an idiot.” Dobytí severního pólu (Conquering of the North Pole) [Explanation: Frištenský was selected for the expedition because he could pull the sled and cut wood.] Expedition Chief: Men. I have thought it over the whole night and I see no other way out. (Meanwhile the others exchange confused looks.) Teacher: Dogs? : To win tickets to see an English rehearsed-reading of the classic Czech comedy THE STAND-IN, click here.It’s generally said that to get Cimrman, the gifted polymath who never received his dues (but really the fictitious creation of Jiří Šebánek and Zdeněk Svěrák) you have to be Czech.

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