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These are the four main components of the equation.When you sign up for or pretty much any other dating site, you fill out a survey about yourself, your preferences and what you're looking for in a partner.The most basic part of Match's suggestions result from simply matching people with characteristics that they both said they liked.What people say and what they do don't always match up.they have communicated with the same people who you have).

"We don't pretend to know who is right for you, but we use mathematics to quickly learn how your complexity shows itself on the site," Thombre says.'s algorithms might begin to include some men who fit into that category in your recommendations.

"Instead of trying to create the perfect algorithm, we try to create the perfect algorithm for you," Thombre says.

It brought on current VP of strategy analytics Amarnath Thombre to head up the charge.

Since then, he and a team of 12 have been hard at work developing an equation (well, hundreds of equations) for successful match recommendations. "It's easy to predict who likes The Godfather, but in this case, the Godfather has to like you back," Thombre says.

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