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Special report: The future of Everything as a Service Saa S has set off a revolution in the way companies consume services on-demand.We look at how it's spreading to other IT services and transforming IT jobs.At least one of the campaigns on Ciocoiu's books includes several websites owned by Nautell Capital and Tralox Overseas, two companies based in Cyprus that may be one and the same -- they were founded on the same day and share the same accountant.Both firms own hundreds of domains each, hosting pop-up dating sites designed to appeal to almost every possible kink imaginable.

During the 2016 US presidential election, bots and fake accounts were pushing trash talk about both of the two leading candidates -- granted, the majority of which were gunning for Trump to win."Even your local bodega could have 10,000 fake followers," she joked.Bots and fake followers all live for a different purpose but usually seem to follow the same path to Twitter enlightenment -- that can be spam links, or even a hashtag to promote your politically-aligned politician.I am only looking for slaves with few to none hard limits.I want a long term marriage minded relationship and willing to relocate anywhere to have that.

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