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Penny was three years younger (37), an inch or two shorter (maybe 5 foot 5), and a bit rounder than Mom, especially in the hips and ass.Her tits were not quite up to Mom's dimensions, but they were damned close.Our open mouths had been deep kissing and tonguing sloppily until Mom pulled away long enough to give me this news and then put her mouth back on mine. It seemed that Penny was doing some cleaning and furniture moving, and she needed a strong back to help her with some of the work. But in that conversation it had also been revealed that Penny was longing for some real sex as well, and she had even said that she would consider fucking me, her own nephew. Of course, my Mom was certainly sufficient to arouse me again, but the thought of fucking that other gorgeous sister was a new stimulus.Well, I certainly didn't mind helping my favorite aunt, and I had a rare day off from football practice, since we had had a night scrimmage the day before. I fucked Mom again, banging her furiously for another huge cum for both of us.One morning, right after Mom and I had enjoyed a delightful long, slow fuck, ending in a frenzied thrusting, humping coupling, building to a thunderous mutual orgasm, Mom informed me that she had promised Aunt Penny that I would help her out that afternoon.

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This most delightful summer of my life was slipping away rapidly, and I was already in football practice, where somehow I seemed to be inspired by my tremendous luck and happiness and was playing better than ever before.

I felt fairly sure that Mom had told Penny about our sexual affair, just as she had frankly discussed her sexual frustration just before the affair began.

I sometimes caught Aunt Penny looking at me in a strange new way, sort of an appraising stare, as if she were wondering just how good a lover I might be.

It would not have surprised me if Penny had taken a lover, because when she wanted something, she was inclined to go after it, no matter what--and she sure as hell would have had no trouble finding a willing man...

But as far as I knew, she had not become quite that desperate yet.

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