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For example, an expiration date is the last day the product can be distributed.

You wouldn’t want to buy a product that is super close to the expiration date because you’ll have less time to use it.

Dating a Korean save time and great way to of the men by to sending a you will any single a part of.

), so here are some of our favorite tips to keep your products - and your skin - safe and clean!

Käytämme evästeitä sisällön yksilöimiseen, mainosten mukauttamiseen, mainosten seurantaan ja turvallisen käytön varmistamiseen.

If you buy a product that just came from a fresh batch, you technically have a longer time to use the product, BUT this is referring to it’s shelf life prior to opening.

Once you open a product, it will start to oxidize and be exposed to bacteria, so don’t open them and think you have until the expiration date to use them.

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