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Try to spot what kind of problems could occur for a 12-year old possessing a comic book with this kind of cover, if found out by their parents: I won’t say it was easy.

So yeah, again, not your father's comic, and certainly not a kid-friendly one either, but it's still damn good and very worth checking out.But due to her weakened state, only one can survive.To his wife's surprise, Steelhead chooses to save the girl, hoping that his choice will give his love the will to survive, even though the Metabaron lineage can only pass from man to man. Is the birth of Aghora, the first female Metabaron? Other than Randomnerd:) Well it was just that; completely awesome and-, oh yeah, hey Random, spoiler alert, so feel free to skip this part of the post unless you want to know what happened;) At the beginning of the show, we're recapped as to why Ollie's been arrested.And a very cool Easter egg just happens to show up while the cops are taking Ollie's mugshot.

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