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It includes modern histories of slavery, more than a thousand pamphlets and books on slavery from the 19th century, and word searchable access to all Congressional debates from the Continental Congress to 1880. The data series span as far back as 1982, and are updated on a timely basis in accordance with the collection and publication schedules of original sources.

Detailed source information, with links where applicable, is provided for every data series.

E-Ktobe: database on Syriac manuscripts which aims to collect information on texts, physical elements, colophons and notes.

Iter Italicum [P]: online edition of Paul Oskar Kristeller's list of previously uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts. Provides "information about mediaeval manuscripts written in Western Europe between 5 A. which treat the mathematical sciences in the wider sense, i.e. Bos, of of medieval Latin texts on logic in medieval manuscripts. XIII-XV): descrizione di manoscritti filosofici e giuridici conservati in Toscana.

arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and mechanics." Katalogisierung der Orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland Libraria: site consacré à l’histoire des bibliothèques anciennes, du haut Moyen Âge aux collections de l’époque moderne. New Shelfmarks: International index of manuscripts & incunables recently acquired by public libraries, by the Association Paléographique Internationale.

Internetquellen, Handschriftenkataloge, on the Goethe Universität, Frankfurt-am-Main, website.

Islamic Manuscript Catalogues Online : a selection of catalogues (either digitized versions of print catalogues or electronic catalogues) of collections of Islamic manuscripts, organized by collection location.

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