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Eighteen months after the crime was committed, a third witness told police that Ireland had admitted to killing the victim.

The witness said she was drunk at the time and may have imagined the statements were made and she wasn’t certain if Ireland was awake when he made the statements.

A police officer testified that fingerprints from the crime scene did not match Ireland and a forensic analyst testified that hairs from the scene were “dissimilar” to Ireland’s hair.

The analyst also testified that the semen from the rape kit came from a non-secretor (a person who does not exhibit their blood type in their bodily fluids).

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Two years later – with the advantage of new DNA testing technology – the evidence from the case was retested and ruled out Ireland as the perpetrator.

Ireland’s attorney called this suspect as a defense witness, and he admitted that he had made inconsistent statements to police during the investigation.

The judge prevented Ireland’s attorney from presenting some evidence regarding the alternate suspect, however.

The Crime In the early morning of September 3, 1986, the body of a 30-year-old mother of four was found in the factory where she worked alone overnight.

She had been sexually assaulted and killed by a massive blow to the head.

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