Georgia clay and gravel was updating the maps

These conditions include expansive clays(pipe clay), organic material, buried debris, and voids.

Expansive soils (pipe clay) are known to cause problems to foundations due to heave and subsidence of these soils.

The Waze USA standard is a hybrid system based on a national standard called "functional classification" with a few modifications.

Functional classification maps are available for most states.

The Southeast Region uses the concept of True Elevation (TE) to better represent segments in relationship with its surroundings/ground level.

Examples: Often when US Hwys, State Roads, and County Roads pass through municipalities, they have a local name (e.g, "Main St").

Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system.

If they are, set the road type according to the functional classification.

Compliance across state borders is important to insure better route selections between states; however, editors in some states have deferred adoption of the USA Standard due to in-state concerns.

If you edit in any region than the Southeast, you must comply with that state's recommendations.

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