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Last September The Tribune exposed the sale of MD seats by touts inthe prestigious Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research.

Other medical colleges could also be manipulated, theyboasted.

Many seem to haveabandoned the Hippocratic oath, dating back to the 5th century BCperhaps.

Its advise to the physician to engage in ethical practicewas re-worked in 1964 by an American medical guru as "never to playgod". Today, exposes ofscams relating to admissions in medical colleges and selling of fakedegrees are routine.

Dr Amit Kumar and his brother Dr Jeevan Kumar, the visible faces of this ring, were arrested but thetransplant racket is much more sinister and expansive in itsworkings."Physician, heal thyself", counseled Christ.5 per cent seats for scheduled castes and tribes, and 27.5seats for other backwards classes in educational institutes,including premier centrally-funded medical colleges. Merit being superseded by birth,proliferation in the flock of inept doctors and surgeons is aninevitable fallout of the policy of appeasing select vote-banks.Doctors should primarily be knowledgeable and skilful, and not fromcertain ethnic groups.Amid such chicanery, the monopoly of Western medical science is sofar-reaching that the Health Ministry, which claims to be promotingthe traditional Ayurveda and other alternative systems of healing,has been reduced to functioning as a facilitator for transnationalpharma companies and World Health Organisation directives ondiseases.It is a glaring symptom of the sickness afflicting themedical profession, geared to the operations and health benchmarks ofan unimaginably powerful network of pharmaceutical monoliths,hospitals, nursing homes, health centres, medical personnel,insurance companies, pathology and X ray labs, ultra sound clinics,equipment companies, suppliers, middlemen, ancillary staff andservices that now spans continents.

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