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1950s women’s fashion trends are perhaps the most feminine and sophisticated for the modern vintage lover to wear, and are arguably the last remaining era of vintage fashion that’s available in ample supply to buy from boutique and online vintage sellers.

Source: A New Look dress fitted tight to the bodice and waist of a woman’s body.Source: A luxurious coat to wear in the evening over a New Look dress.The dress coat was special to a woman’s wardrobe because it buttoned and fit her body so that the shape of her dress below was not hidden from the appreciator’s eye.Whether you love the ’50s for its female-forward fashion or to channel some of that sexy West Coast rockabilly vibe into your closet today, I swear that there’s a little bit of something in the era for every woman. I can’t wait for my next ’50s vintage purchase – what about you?Let me know what you love most about ’50s clothing in the comments, or by saying hello on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by subscribing to my newsletter!

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