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When we announced the Cancer Moonshot, I knew there would be a lot of skeptics out there who’d say, well, here we go again. ”Why this is important: Politics and tech never had a stronger bond than in this political climate. Why this is important: Winder moves beyond technology, turns users into customers and a tech startup into a brand.

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From the presentation and slides I’ve seen, I can tell that Capital One used Value Proposition Design to find out about consumer’s needs — enabling a high degree of confidence without friction for consumers.Read the rest of this story on Why it was important: While most AI/ML experiences are powered by platforms like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM or Google, we need to think how our personal moments and privacy should not only be attached to the Big Five.I think privacy will have its revival in the AI/ML world and data will be the passports to compete with the Big Five.Read the take aways and conclusions of the story on Why it was important: A stronger developed baseline of a new standard for producers, vendors AND even their affiliated online stores is established within the entire fashion industry — not just the luxury brands.If this trend is fostering, we will see more build-in sustainability initiatives in 2017/18.

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