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At an al fresco dinner with my girlfriend one night we overheard a woman climax in some local apartment, caught in the height of passion. Later that night, caught in the grips of our own love-making we looked up out our apartment window into the courtyard of the building and saw across the way a small audience, peering out of their own windows, had gathered to watch.My American sensibilities kicked in and I felt bizarrely like , and not this anonymous and pleasured woman had transgressed some unspoken boundary. My girlfriend waved at them, and they gave us a round of applause. S., it may’ve been a knock at the door by the police instead.We Americans might find it an advantage to have a Google truck plot where we and our friends live so we can find each other on Google Maps, but residents of many European countries, for example those in Germany, see the words “We know where you live” as redolent of a history they would just as soon forget. gap is the ruling by the EU court that individuals have the “Right to be Forgotten” that allows them, “to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them …

We talked for hours as we wandered at dusk from the bars on Ile St.

“Any time you’re raising over -12 million, you need to leave Europe,” says Peter Smith, who had to go to the West Coast to raise million for his Blockchain, a bitcoin company that now processes transactions valued at billion per month. Some of that concern is mere techno-envy, some good old fashioned anti-Americanism. American companies, like those from other countries, want to minimize their tax liabilities – indeed, their boards are under a fiduciary obligation to do just that.

Some observers put the top amount that European investors will risk on a startup at closer to million, more than a little short of the 0 million billionaire investor-activist Carl Icahn just bet on ride-sharing Lyft’s ability to compete successfully with the much larger Uber. But some has a basis in three problems created for the EU by the business practices of the successful U. In the process, they at times cut special deals, such as the one between Amazon and Luxembourg, the discovery of which is now generating dealmakers’ remorse.

I sometimes get the feeling that focusing on teaching girls how capable they are at working into reality whatever their dreams happen to be has also placed on them a burden into their young adulthood.

It’s a notion that somehow if an American girl doesn’t meet her full potential in womanhood she has let down her mother, maybe her grandmother, and possibly all women.

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