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Upon reaching the martial arts academy, Wei encountered his old teacher - Sifu Kwok, who assumed Amanda to be Wei's fiancee.

Both Wei and Amanda refuted the claims, and briefly studied and practiced kung fu at the school.

During which, she went to Hong Kong on a tourist visa and applied to several English Language Schools.

Amanda also entered a series of relationships with several men during her stay in Hong Kong.

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Managers of one of the leading European furniture retailers told me that never before and nowhere else were in the world they were giving more orders than at FC 2017. " We're very pleased that we have exhibited for 10 years.It was later revealed in the report that her teaching experience on job applications was either false or greatly exaggerated.She was also seen flirting with or romantically interested in other Chinese men, making a relationship, with Wei, unlikely.The China International Furniture Expo, better known as Furniture China, takes the lead in the industry for over two decades.As one of the world's leading B2B trade fairs, over 100,000 participants are involved in the show every year.

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