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Also, there are games that allow for co-operative play so you can share the experience together whilst spending time with their loved one.If you are looking for someone with that specific an interest you will probably be better off pursuing social networks and organizations devoted to that, and try meeting women through those.

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So is it really any surprise that guys considering "buying" a bride through an agency are turning to social networks, where everyone's selling themselves all the time?

The site currently boasts 110 million registered users and is the top social network in many Eastern European countries.

In 2006, it launched as an almost line-by-line Facebook clone, and the first thing Westerners will notice when logging on is that its design is a shameless rip-off of Facebook circa 2010.

And if you’re not getting the response you want, it’s silly to look outward and avoid looking at the quality of your own page — because a better profile yields better results.

If you’re boldly going forth with your profile on your own, allow me, the professional ghostwriter, to impart some tried-and-true techniques.

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