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To accelerate your learning even more, be sure to supplement these courses by reading one of the many books on our giant list of the best, free data science books.There should be something in there for every subject!Just basic math is recommended, and they'll be guiding you through using R, so no programming experience is needed.You'll be learning how use statistical inference, modeling, and visualization techniques in R to create analysis reports.You'll find out how to pick the best method for your task, apply algorithms, optimize the algorithms, and deploy your solution.

As of this writing, you aren't able to enroll in a capstone project without taking the specialization, but every other course is available individually through their catalog.By the end, you'll have a few portfolio projects to showcase your new data analytics skills.Institution: Duke University Instructors: Merlise Clyde, Colin Rundel, David Banks, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel Price: Recommender Systems used to be a course in the Machine Learning Specialization, but now it's broken off into its own master series.Institution: Johns Hopkins University Instructors: Liliana Florea, Kasper Daniel Hansen, Ben Langmead, Jeff Leek, Mihaela Pertea, Steven Salzberg, James Taylor Price: The Big Data Specialization will show you how to process, analyze, and interpret large amounts of complex data using the most recent big data tech, such as Hadoop and Spark.There's no programming experience needed here, just a passion for data!

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