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It is available for Windows, Linux, Free BSD, Solaris and OS X. Currently it supports Asterisk, AFP, Cisco AAA, Cisco auth, Cisco enable, CVS, Firebird, FTP, HTTP-FORM-GET, HTTP-FORM-POST, HTTP-GET, HTTP-HEAD, HTTP-PROXY, HTTPS-FORM-GET, HTTPS-FORM-POST, HTTPS-GET, HTTPS-HEAD, HTTP-Proxy, ICQ, IMAP, IRC, LDAP, MS-SQL, MYSQL, NCP, NNTP, Oracle Listener, Oracle SID, Oracle, PC-Anywhere, PCNFS, POP3, POSTGRES, RDP, Rexec, Rlogin, Rsh, SAP/R3, SIP, SMB, SMTP, SMTP Enum, SNMP, SOCKS5, SSH (v1 and v2), Subversion, Teamspeak (TS2), Telnet, VMware-Auth, VNC and XMPP.

Download THC Hydra here: https://org/thc-hydra/ If you are a developer, you can also contribute to the tool’s development. Medusa Medusa is also a password cracking tool similar to THC Hydra.

If login is successful, it means the password was found.

A password protects our accounts or resources from unauthorized access. Password cracking is the process of guessing or recovering a password from stored locations or from data transmission system.In this post, we are covering a few of the most popular password cracking tools. Brutus Brutus is one of the most popular remote online password cracking tools. Rainbow Crack Rainbow Crack is a hash cracker tool that uses a large-scale time-memory trade off process for faster password cracking than traditional brute force tools.It claims to be the fastest and most flexible password cracking tool. Time-memory trade off is a computational process in which all plain text and hash pairs are calculated by using a selected hash algorithm.In recent years, computer programmers have been trying to create algorithms for password cracking in less time.Most of the password cracking tools try to login with every possible combination of words.

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