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She had inserted herself into a situation that, however unsavory, was a private matter between husband, wife and mistress. She was branded ugly inside and out - famously mocked on SNL in which John Goodman portrayed her in unflattering skits.

Speaking at the time Donald Trump, then freshly divorced from Marla Maples, described Tripp as 'evil personified.' Clinton's impeachment in December 1998 was overturned in February of the following year. As far as she is concerned his sexual appetite is tantamount to 'an addiction.' She said: 'To me he is a predator and always will be a predator'Yet, Tripp said: 'He was no different than so many others who believed the news as it was presented to them.

It was her second husband who encouraged her to speak out when, as they watched the election results usher in Hillary's defeat last year, Tripp turned to him and said: 'The nation will never know what a bullet it dodged tonight.'She recalled: 'He said, "That story is one that should be told."'Tripp explained: 'What I saw for two years is nothing the American people could have fathomed.

Most politicians speak with forked tongues but this was something quite different.

She said: 'It was a lifelong dream to work in the White House.

I pinched myself every day that I was allowed to work [there] in any capacity…to be allowed to be a small part of it was such an honor and a blessing.'But with the arrival of the Clintons that 'changed very, very quickly.' Tripp said: 'I think we just approached life differently but that really didn't appall me because we're all people of different viewpoints.'It was something far more sinister than that.

She is a destroyer of women should they get in her way.' Tripp has painted Bill Clinton, 71, as a 'sexual predator,' with an 'addiction' and Hillary, 70, as a 'destroyer of women' who would do anything to protect their 'political viability'.Then in 1993 White House Counsel, Clinton's childhood friend and Hillary's former law partner Vince Foster was found shot in the head.The death was ruled suicide but questions and conspiracy swirled.She may not have approved, but it never occurred to her to speak out because 'they were all consensual adults.''Most of them were married.Most of them thought that it was completely cool,' she said.

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