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still i get people contact me that bottle out of a meet after i have taken an hour to get smooth and showered or even worse the dreaded online silence after i have already set out,,,,please please if your a bit of a coward and chicken out last minute please dont contact me in the first place Ihave met some great people on fab some have become friends also out of the bedroom ,, But there is still a lot of people that are time wasters,,,,,if that is you and you haven't really got the spine for a meet,,,,have a wank and get it out of your system !Genuine efficient honest people only contact me,,, If you have tight foreskin, you wont get your Stilton factory near me sorry,yuk not my thing, BLOKES IN THEIR WIFE'S UNDERWEAR NO WIG OR MAKEUP JUST LOOKS WRONG A BIT FREAKY AND SLIGHTLY DISTURBING! Who […] Description of Show This week we discuss what’s in the news and answer a couple letters from our listeners. In celebration of DFT’s birthday we have a party in the studio with a bunch of friends and play Match Game. She was up for a […] Description of Show This episode talks about how to create original online content. It appears gay marriage will be arriving by the end of the year. In the News Miss […] It is that time of year again. First, our special guest contestant was my own real life Sister, Beth!Brea Bennett jogging fully nude across the frame and then pausing and showing off her body before running off of the screen all while being green screened into a scene of Allison Weissman and a guy talking.

xxxxxxxx*iss Mai Hemm (52), Woman on 20 April 2017 by Meeting in person: Met Vanda at a TGirl friends house a while ago, bonded instantly like nattering with a friend you hadn't seen for a while... Would love to see her again, you just know you're going to have a great time with this huge, warm personality xxx*klyerrose1234 (28), TV/TS on 1 April 2017 by Meeting in person: Well what can i say vanda is genuine down to earth willing too help anyone no matter what deffiently friends for life , knows how to make u laugh smile great company and feels like I've known her all my life I believe we were ment to met for a reason so happy have love you loads ps remember you're beautiful inside and out mwah xxx*hite bull 9 (46), Man on 14 March 2017 by Meeting in person: I met Vanda while I was out and about yesterday. Hope to see you in your glad rags soon Vanda x*ho-needs-fun (45), TV/TS on 22 December 2016 by Meeting in person: Have know each other for along time..

Description of Show This week we discuss what’s in the news and answer a couple letters from our listeners. Let’s hope for the best…and put some variety in your orgasms.

In the spirit of #Me Too, we condemn the assholes the assault others for their own pleasure and power. What […] Description of Show For this episode, we have a discussion with a group live from the UK on Skype during Manchester Leather Weekend!


IF YOU HAVE NO PICS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME MESSAGING Hi I'm Vanda just a fun loving friendly tranny.

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