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This experience was the inspiration for Lisa and Jennie to set-up their own home care service.

See our stunning interactive timeline tracking the history of West Ham from the Boleyn Ground to the Olympic Stadium, featuring brilliant videos and pictures, and try our fiendish Hammers quizzes.

Our staff work with you to create an itinerary that mixes well-matched fixtures and training time with superb excursions that show you the highlights of your host country.

From adrenaline-fuelled activities like zip lining and white water rafting to unmissable cultural highlights of international cities, we ensure you get the most out of your time away.

No other operator offers a wider range of school and rugby league tours.

We have in-depth knowledge and reliable contacts in a diverse choice of destinations, from the most popular to those off the beaten track – the outback of Darwin, deepest Swaziland and the backwaters of northern Chile and Argentina.

All of the transport, accommodation and excursion suppliers are assessed to ensure they meet our high safety standards and all our tours are fully bonded by IATA ABTA and ATOL.Even a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference but isn’t easy or quick.Edwin Doran started in 1974 with rugby tours, and it’s still our number one sport.That the Rubrics affecting this particular question having been diversely observed ever since they were framed, the Judicial Committee has given to these Rubrics a restrictive interpretation condemnatory of a usage which has continuously existed in the Church of England, and has for many years widely prevailed. That this Decision is opposed to the comprehensive spirit of the Reformed Church of England, and thus tends to narrow the Church to the dimensions of a sect. That this restriction will press very unfairly upon a large body of Clergy who have never attempted, by resort to Law or otherwise, to abridge the liberty of those whose practice differs from their own. That the rigorous enforcement of a Decision so painful as this is to the consciences of those whom it affects might involve the gravest consequences to a large number of the Clergy, and lead to results most disastrous to the Established Church. "On these grounds, although many of us are not personally affected by the Judgment, we earnestly trust that your Lordships will abstain from acting upon this Decision, and thus preserve the ancient liberty of the Church of England." March 8th, 1871.

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