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Leonid also had a half-brother, Mikhail, twenty years his elder, who initiated him to literature, poetry, arts, and sports.As a teenager, Leonid went to boxing school, which channeled his unbounded energy and gave him intense physical training.His untimely death also propelled him into the realm of show business legends, in the rarefied atmosphere shared by prematurely disappeared young artists who helped define a generation: James Dean for the American cinema, Gérard Philippe for the French theater, Vladimir Visotskiy for Russian pop music—among others. In the ring, Engibarov’s character reflected his true off-stage persona: A fiercely independent young man, mischievous, belligerent, in constant revolt against the powers that be—whether the in the circus ring, or Soyuz Gos Tsirk, the central Soviet circus organization, in real life.In this, he embodied the moods of a new Soviet youth, which danced the twist, listened to the Beatles, and tried to erase three decades of Stalinist tyranny.Like sports, circus was indeed highly physical, yet it was also a creative art—and clowning could, so Leonid believed, suit at the same time his need for physical activities, his own sense of humor, and his creative mind. (Circus Arts Classes) school—soon to become Moscow’s State College for Circus and Variety Arts.A man of diminutive stature with a natural ability for comedy, Karandash had studied circus arts with the very first promotion of the K. He had graduated in 1930 as an all-around acrobat, but chose to become a .In March 2007, Olga announces her pregnancy and leaves the group.His last appearance in the group took place on 16 April.

Several influences, both within and outside the school, would eventually help define Leonid’s unique clown persona.In 2006, she moves into the third year under the direction of the national university of Kyiv Culture and Art in the faculty of arts and crafts..Olha also participates in exhibitions and photo shoots as a model to pay her studies.As luck had it, when Engibarov considered becoming a clown himself in 1955, the College had just added a Clowning section to its curricula.So Leonid made his mind and applied for what is today widely known as the "Moscow Circus School." His athletic abilities helped him pass the college’s rigorous selection process, and he began studying circus disciplines and clowning in 1956, at age twenty-one.

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