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And in his written responses to questions from the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Gottlieb said his FDA would seek to balance questions of nutrition disclosure against business interests.

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It would allow many pizza shops to list their calorie counts online only, for instance, and for many grocery and convenience stores to keep that information at the register.Under the new definition, companies can count a synthetic substance as a dietary fiber only if the FDA has determined that it has “physiological effects that are beneficial to human health” — a provision that will, for the time being at least, prevent many synthetic fibers from getting the designation. In many processed foods, the rule will have the effect of cutting the displayed amount of fiber — and raising the displayed number of carbohydrates.And it will require that manufacturers prove to FDA that their synthetic fibers are beneficial.Separately, a coalition of 17 other food industry groups have asked the administration to delay the compliance date of new nutrition labels.None of these rules has taken effect, and they have long been opposed by business groups that say they are a burden to industry.

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