Art of dating women

It makes signals where intentions do not (or should not) follow.It can also become manipulative, a vain giving of temporary attention in order to lead another along a forbidden path into sexual sin.

On the contrary, a single woman has a better “read” on what type of digital comments on Twitter are appropriate from a man. But back to the digital dalliances of this married man.

Over time couples create their own complex lexicon of terms and phrases and nicknames, subtle metaphors with not-so-subtle meanings, that can only be decoded by one another.

It’s a beautiful example of flirtatious play within marriage.

To flirt is to tantalize another with your attention and tease with future possibility. Long after the wedding day, flirting maintains a healthy sense of play between a couple.

The giggling of Isaac and Rebekah is a flirting most beautiful within the frolicking of marriage — a special blessing of a covenant bond, generating a unique laughter that signals to each other, and to the world, an exclusive love.

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